What is H-yoga?

Every yoga teacher encounters more and more participants that are diagnosed with cancer. Luckily the chance of survival continues to improve. The period during and after medical treatment is difficult and full of obstacles for many cancer patients. How does the cancer patient continue to live his or her life?

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H-yoga is a specially developed programme for (ex-)cancer patients. It offers support during the recovery and healing process, both during and after medical treatment. H-yoga is specifically meant to be complimentary to all regular treatment and after care. It comfortably fits in with our modern society that sees an increased interest in physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover it is an affordable programme.

H-yoga as a name comes from the H of Healing yoga and the H of Hatha yoga. H-yoga is taught by specially trained H-yoga instructors that can be recognised by the logo below.


  • brings relaxation and offers stress relief
  • stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body
  • offers support during/ after an operation, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and/ or hormone therapy
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  • strengthens the inner power and immune system
  • inspires, motivates and gives confidence
  • improves concentration, breathing, the sleep, eat and life cycle
  • in short, quality of life

This programme can be followed by every (ex-)cancer patient throughout the Netherlands.
Consult the list of Dutch H-yoga instructors.